‘Treat us on par with Kondapochamma land oustees’

The residents of yet another village that is facing submergence under the proposed Mallannasagar Reservoir have come to a conclusion that what they were paid for their lands under GO 123 was not enough and are asking to be paid on par with the oustees of Kondapochamma Reservoir.

The residents of Singaram village met Collector P. Venkataram Reddy here on Saturday and petitioned him to offer them the price being offered to villages being submerged under Kondapochamma Reservoir. The Collector discussed with them for more than an hour urging them to cooperate with the government in executing the irrigation project.

Incidentally the Singaram villagers met the Collector the day after the farmers of Etigaddakishtapur submitted a petition to to implement the Right to Fair Compensation in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act – 2013 (LA Act- 2013).

“We were first village in the district which came forward to sell our lands to the government for the proposed reservoir. That was more than a year ago. We were offered ₹ 6 lakh per acre and we did not even protest,” the villagers told the Collector.

“Offer us the same price that is being paid under Kondapochamma project (The government is offering ₹ 12 lakh per acre to the displaced persons of — Bahilampur, Thanedarpally and Mamidyala villages). Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and Irrigation Minister T. Harish Rao promised us a special package. None have been fulfilled so far. Please see that the promises made to us are kept,” the villagers told the Collector.

Mr. Venkataram Reddy assured the villagers that it was his responsibility to fulfil the promise made by the government. “We will soon begin the works for Mallannasagar reservoir. Teams led by RDO Vijayender Reddy will visit the village and conduct house-to-house survey and number the houses. Please cooperate with the officials. Furnish details of any problem regarding land to the RDO and it will be addressed by the officials. We will certainly do justice to you as yours is the first village to sell land for Mallannasagar,” the Collector assured the Singaram villagers.

Joint Collector Padmakar, Gajwel RDO Vijayender Reddy, Irrigation Executive Engineer Anand and others were present.