Vice-President stresses need for social harmony

Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday called upon people to overcome caste, region, religion and other social barriers and work for the development of the country. Speaking to the media, Mr. Naidu said the artificial social barriers, which are tearing society apart, should be overcome. It is only when people espouse the principle of universal brotherhood that the country would progress.

“The greatness of Hinduism should be reflected not only in our thoughts but also in deeds,” he said.

Lauding TTD’s pilgrim-friendly initiatives, he said priority should be given to promotion of Sanatana Hindu Dharma in utilisation of temple funds.

Mr. Naidu sprang a surprise when he said visits of the privileged and highly connected to the temple town were putting ordinary pilgrims to inconvenience.

“It is for this reason that I abstain from making frequent visits to the temple even though Venkateswara is our family deity,” he said.

Joins queue

Earlier, Mr. Naidu accompanied by his family members, reached the main temple complex through the Vaikuntam queue complex. The authorities received him with the traditional ‘isti kapal’ honours and led him into the temple.

Soon after darshan, he motored down to Tirupati airport and flew to his native Nellore district in a special aircraft.