Perhaps for the first time, a multi-national corporation has decided to give itself a desi touch and named its facilities in Bengaluru after two Kannada philosophers. The Finnish telecom network equipment giant Nokia has named its recently inaugurated R&D facilities here after 12th century icons Basavanna and Allama Prabhu.

Nokia, which has presence in more than 170 countries, named its facilities after the philosopher poets “to create awareness of Basavanna and Allama to foreign employees and foreign visitors.” The centre, Nokia’s largest global R&D site, currently employs more than 6,000 engineers.

Speaking to Vinayak Andangoudar, Head of Location Development, and Rajesh K, Financial Controller, of Nokia, Bengaluru, said there was “a lot of enthusiasm among employees” about these Kannada philosophers.

“After consultations and discussions with employees, we decided to name facilities after Basavanna and Allama,” said Mr. Andangoudar.

“We have over 6000 employees in our R&D and there are a good number of Kannadigas. Visiting foreign employees inquire about the two philosophers after naming the two halls after Basava and Allama,” said Mr. Rajesh.

Minister for Information and Technology Priyank Kharge inaugurated a new R&D centre at the Manyata Technology Park here.

Appreciating company’s decision, Mr Kharge tweeted: “Kannada philosophers seem to have positively impacted the IT industry with their thoughts. The new Nokia facility have collaborative spaces named after our Philosopher poets Basavanna & Allama.”